SCRGE 2017 Special Guests

Terry and Dan Diebold - The Nintendo Playstation Prototype

We are happy to announce for the first time at the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo, as part of our line up of exhibits, that the only known Nintendo Playstation Prototype in existence will be onsite for viewing. Accompanying it will be Terry and Dan Diebold, the father and son who discovered this amazing piece of gaming history.

Pat Contri - The NES Punk "...and me Frank!"

Pat Contri is a video game player, collector, and historian known for his web shows Pat the NES Punk, Flea Market Madness, and The Completely Unnecessary Podcast. He is the author of Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library, runs, and conducts the live annual NES Charity Marathon benefiting children’s hospitals. In his spare time he enjoys eating numerous nachos, and hanging out with an old Jersey hippie named Frank.



As seen on Pat the NES Punk, Fleamarket Madness, and the beloved segment, Ask Frank! In his first convention appearance.

Bill & Jay - The Game Chasers

Billy and Jay make up the dynamic game collecting duo known as The Game Chasers. Their mission: to scour the land far and wide to uncover gaming treasures of old. Whether it be gaming stores, flea markets, thrift stores, or even people's attics, they seek out retro games and have a blast while doing it. In 2011 they decided to put their adventures on YouTube and became an instant hit.

Jirard Khalil - The Completionist

Jirard "Dragonrider" Khalil  is the host of the YouTube review show, "The Completionist", and co-host of "Super Beard Bros." On his main channel, The Completionist, Jirard completes a new game every week, ranging from casual games to hardcore games. On his second channel, Super Beard Bros, Jirard, accompanied by Alex Faciane and Greg Wilmot, plays through games. Although he doesn't like to admit it, this makes him a let's player. Super Beard Bros. also serves as a "Behind the Scenes," as he sometimes does reviews of the games he's played. Jirard is also a member of Big Bad Bosses, a video game boy band. He plays the role of Big Bow.

Alex Faciane - The Dex and more...



We are happy to anounce for his first time to The SoCal Retro Gamimg Expo this February 2017, Alex Faciane! Co-host of The Dex. Beard Bro. Big Bad Boss. TOVG. Squid. Team Mystic. FacianeA on Twitch.

Norm Caruso - The Gaming Historian

Norman Caruso is the creator of Gaming Historian, a YouTube documentary series that explores the history of video games. Want to learn about the landmark lawsuits that changed the industry? Or why the Power Glove wasn't "so bad" after all? The Gaming Historian has you covered. The show has more than 14 million views and 200,000 subscribers, and has been featured on Destructoid, Polygon, Nintendo Life, and even PlayBoy com. Norman earned his history degree from Elizabeth City State University.


Jared Knabenbauer - Pro Jared

Jared’s YouTube channel has over 750,000 subscribers and is about gaming of all sorts: video games, card games, and D&D. He’s a part of, a main character on Wizards of the Coast’s Dice, Camera, Action! series, and has appeared on Nickelodeon television. Improv comedian, gamer, and Dungeon Master.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore is best know and the energetic host of the 90's hit gameshow "Nick Arcade" on Nickelodeon.  Moore hosted and appeared on many other Nickelodeon shows, including the short-lived hidden camera show "You're On", regular appearances as a panelist on "Figure It Out" and a guest spot on the first episode of "All That".  Phil was also a former host of 'Aqua Kids", for which he won a Emmy Award for best host.

John Lester - Gamester81

John is the creator of the show Gamester81, a show that specializes on game console reviews. Gamester81 started on YouTube back in 2009, and in 2012 John launched; a gaming website ran by video game enthusiasts, and dedicated to those who enjoy playing both modern and retro video games.

Andre Meadows - Black Nerd Comedy

ANDRE MEADOWS is the creator of BLACK NERD COMEDY. Every week, Andre posts Black Nerd Rants, Interviews and Vlogs on his YouTube Channel, filled with Geek Culture, Video Games, Comic Conventions, Saturday Morning Cartoons, 80's Retro and 90's Nostalgia. He performed the Ninja Rap for Vanilla Ice, sang "Reading Rainbow" with LeVar Burton, moderated Nickelodeon Comic-Con panels for Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and All That Reunion, visited the Nintendo of America Office, and received dating advice from Ice Cube & Kevin Hart. Andre is also the host of "Catching Up with Andre" on Regal Cinemas and "Crash Course Games" produced by John & Hank Green. 

Keith Robinson - Intellivision Lives

Keith Robinson is the Owner of Intellivision Lives.

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