SCRGE 2017 Performance Stage Times

  • Saturday 5pm - The Koopas
  • Saturday 6pm - Viking Guitar
  • Saturday 7pm - Vic Viper
  • Saturday 8pm - Super MadNES

Bands Playing Live At SCRGE 2017

Super MadNES is a brand new heavy metal console designed to load an extremely exciting new type experience to all gamers and music lovers with a unique heavy, melodic and dynamic musical approach to some of your favorite NES, SNES and Arcade soundtracks.
This new heavy metal entertainment system consists of gamer musicians who love retro games, the community and understand that the most important aspect of it all is what we all share in common which is the games themselves.
Some of the games they perform:
Megaman X, Super Ghouls ’N Ghosts, Double Dragon (Arcade), Ninja Gaiden (Arcade).

Super MadNES




Erik Peabody is a composer and audio engineer from Santa Cruz, California.  
As 'Viking Guitar', he takes old-school video game music and reforges them as blistering, molten metal!  Grab your axe, grow a beard, and join Viking Guitar for high-energy nostalgia!  KEEP THE WORLD METAL!
Some of the games they perform:
Golden Axe, Metroid, Megaman X2, Cave Story, Blaster Master, Ninja Gaiden 2.

Viking Guitar




The Koopas have been kidnapping the princess and giving Mario (and luigi) problems since 1990. After many an unsuccessful attempts to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, The Koopa kids (Wendy-O, Iggy, Roy and Lemmy Koopa ) pick up their instruments and started playing covers of all the songs they learned from their many travels around Videoland, giving each song their own twist of Rock, Metal and utter Koopa-ness!!! Armed with an arsenal of tunes, they fly their Doomship to many venues to destroy them with their Koopa-Music!!!
(The Real Story: The Koopas are 4 friends with a love for Video Games and music. Frankie, Diego, Jim, Dave and Travis have been playing music for the better part of a really long time. They have rocked lots of places on the Central Coast.)
Most practices end with us fighting over who would win in Mario Kart: Double Dash or Super Smash Bros.
Some of the games they perform: 
Legend Of Zelda, Megaman 2, Chrono Trigger, Dr Mario, Super Mario Bros, Star Fox.
As the last hope of the gentle people of San Diego, Vic Viper has just lifted off to confront the all-out attack of the amoeboid bacterions. Their hyper-space live setup is armed with the greatest arsenal in the galaxy. Air-to-surface guitar and double beam laser cannon synths for the incredible firepower. Powerful force field bass for protection. Time and space warping drums for fleeing the dimension. You’ll need it all, just to survive. At the heart of  Vic Viper lies the passion for performing note-for-note, instrument-per-channel NES and GB video game music covers. It’s a Dwelling of Doom. While the entire galaxy watches. Waits. And hopes to shred.
Some of the games they perform:
Gradius 2, Castlevania, Megaman 3, Batman Returns, Street Fighter 2010, Contra.

Vic Viper


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